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Dental Examination

Dental Examination:

  • Thorough review of medical history and past dental experiences.
  • Discussion to understand your dental concerns and specific goals.
Clinic (2)

Diagnostic Procedures:

  • Low-dose digital x-rays to identify issues below the gum-line and between teeth.
  • Clinical photographs to assess teeth, gums, and smile.
  • Evaluation of jaw joint, muscles, and bite.
Dental Care (2)

Health Assessments:

  • Oral cancer screening.
  • Assessment of gum health and identification of periodontal issues.
  • Detailed examination of individual teeth.

Personalised Consultation:

  • In-depth discussion about oral health and identified issues.
  • Addressing specific concerns and presenting tailored treatment options.
Dental Insurance (1)

Professional Dental Care:

  • Based on periodontal assessment, proceed to a professional scale and clean.
  • Application of fluoride for added protection.

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