Pain Free Dentistry: Happy Gas

Pain Free Dentistry

Leichhardt Dental and Haberfield Dental always aim to provide pain free treatment and help our patients to relax.

Our dentists always discuss with our patients, before treatment, if they have any particular fears or phobias or just don’t like coming to see the dentist. This helps our dentists to understand an individuals needs and wishes regarding their dental care, and work out how best to treat them in a relaxed, stress-free way.
We find many of our patients really appreciate this approach and have become regular, long standing patients, as they know we will always treat them gently and with respect.

Many patients happily manage most dental treatment with a simple injection, but some patients would like a bit more to help them relax.

Happy Gas

For some patients, having a little happy gas is a great way to help them relax. Happy gas does what it says…it makes you happy. It is an aid to relaxation and may make you feel warm, a little bit fuzzy and slightly removed from what our dentists are doing. It will not put you to sleep but some patients find they have a bit of a giggle or snooze while they are having it. Most people love it and it completely changes their idea of coming to the dentist! They often ask when they can come for more treatment!

Happy gas is a safe combination of nitrous oxide gas and oxygen that is tailored to your personal need. Every person responds a little differently to it so it is important to spend time initially finding out the level that suits you best. Rest assured, though, a trip to the dentist will never have been so relaxing and fun!

Happy gas is fantastic if you’re someone who gags easily, finds trips to the dentist a nail biting experience, needs long appointments or just wants to enjoy your time with us more.

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