Leichhardt Dental in Haberfield

Sedation Dentistry

Some patients also prefer or need to have more help to have treatment done. They may wish to be asleep. Sedation dentistry, where a small needle in the arm is given and drugs are safely administered, is carried out at Leichhardt Dental. We have a very experienced and highly qualified anaesthetist who regularly attends our clinic to provide this care for our patients. This allows our patients to completely relax during treatment and often forget what is happening! It is not as deep as having a full general anaesthetic in hospital, but it is a really helpful method for many nervous patients to seek care or complex treatments to be carried out.

Our dentists always assess and advise if happy gas or sedation may be appropriate for our patients, but many patients come to see us just for this, so please ask our friendly front office staff if you would like to discuss happy gas or sedation with our dentists.

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