Active Maintenance (AM)

Let Us Take The Worry Out Of Keeping Orally Fit!

Regular professional care and great personal habits at home are essential in preventing decay (dental caries), gum disease, or gingivitis and periodontitis, and other dental disorders.

Therefore, once the team at Leichhardt Dental – Pomare Dental Group and Haberfield Dental – Pomare Dental Group has helped our patients achieve a healthy mouth, it is important that they also help them to maintain it at home and for life.

Leichhardt Dental – Pomare Dental Group and Haberfield Dental – Pomare Dental Group AM active maintenance programme focuses on this, monitoring the ongoing health of the mouth, initiating preventive measures and treating any issues when they are small.

Maintaining A Healthy Mouth For Life Takes Teamwork!

Our team spends time to get to know our patients, assessing all areas that impact on oral health including oral care habits and techniques, medical issues, diet, exercise, and lifestyle. This allows us to really understand the individual issues of each patient, tailor our oral health education to their specific needs and advise them of the best oral hygiene methods and tools they need to use at home to achieve optimal oral health.

6 Monthly Appointments Are The Key

With our AM active maintenance programme, our patients arrange their examination and cleaning appointments 6 months in advance, which helps them to stay regular with their oral care and not let time and a busy life get in the way. It also gives an opportunity for a regular ‘touch base’ with our patients to see if they are managing to keep their oral care routine going at home, as this is so important in maintaining long term optimal oral health. We like to think of us as ‘coaches’ for the mouth…we’ll always help and encourage our patients to keep going with great oral care habits at home! We all need a pat on the back, or a little push, from time to time!

Dentists Can Detect Any Issues Early, While They Are Small

This means that both treatment and fees can also be small, and that hopefully our patients never have any nasty toothaches or surprises that may be both painful and expensive.

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