Your child will remember their first dental visit. That’s why ensuring they have a positive experience is important, so they won’t be afraid to go to the dentist. To make your child feel comfortable, you must choose the right dentist. And if you don’t know how to do so, don’t worry!

In this blog, we listed tips for finding the right dentist for your child. Check them out below!


What is A Children’s Dentist?

A children’s dentist can treat problems and help care for children’s mouths, teeth, and jaws. They have finished additional university training to be fully qualified in handling children’s dental needs.

An adult’s teeth are different from a child’s teeth. That’s why it’s essential to visit the right dentist who will take care of your child’s dental and oral health.


Top Qualities of A Good Children’s Dentist

In choosing the right dentist for your child, you must consider certain qualities they must possess. Here are some of them:


1. Qualified Professional

In order to practise children’s dentistry, a dentist must have the necessary licence, qualifications, and training to do the job successfully. So, check for a dentist’s credentials in their office or online. Ensure that they are valid and haven’t expired yet.


2. Knowledgeable and Experienced

It would be more reassuring if your Leichhardt dentist had many years of experience in the industry. They can apply their knowledge and expertise while caring for your child’s oral and dental health. They can also share advice on proper hygiene and preventative dental care.


3. Prioritises Preventative Treatment

Prevention is always better than cure. And your family dentist should have the same mindset as well. When choosing a dentist, identify the kinds of treatments they offer. Analyse if they prioritise prevention rather than just fixing issues.

Pick a dentist who uses preventative treatment options, such as dental sealants and fluoride to prevent the development of cavities.


4. Friendly

A majority of children get nervous when visiting the dentist. So, it will help your child feel more comfortable if their dentist is friendly and cheerful. A kid-friendly environment will make your child feel relaxed and have a better experience.

It’s a good idea to check a dentist’s website for photos of their team or clinic, so you’ll know if they look friendly. You can also visit the dentist’s office first to see them at work.


5. Wide Selection of Dental Services

When looking for a child’s dentist, it’s also crucial to find someone who can offer various services. It will save time and the number of visits when treating a dental ailment. It would also be helpful if the dentist used the latest techniques and technologies during a dental appointment.


6. Has Many Positive Reviews

The testimonials and online reviews of previous clients will be important in looking for the best dentist for your child. The comments will give you an unbiased view of the dental care that your child may get from a dental practice.

Read the good and bad online reviews and pay attention to how the dental team responds to the feedback. How they act online will say a lot about them.


When Do I Need To Take My Child To The Dentist?

Parents are encouraged to take their children to the dentist when they get their first tooth. It will help prevent tooth decay. Since children have weaker tooth enamel, they are more prone to cavities.

We suggest that you take your child to the dentist before their first birthday so they will have a better chance at having lifelong healthy teeth. Regular checkups can ensure proper dental and oral development.


young boy smiling while having dental treatment


What to Prepare Before Visiting A Dental Clinic

Before visiting a children’s dentist, it would be wise to identify specific things, such as:

  • Appointment – How do you book an appointment? How long does it usually take? Is the dentist generally on time? Is the appointment only for a checkup, or are other treatments also performed?
  • Waiting list – How long is the waiting time before you can get an appointment?
  • Costs – How much does the appointment cost? How much do dental treatments cost?
  • Insurance or subsidies – Does your insurance cover appointments and treatments? Does your child’s school offer a subsidised or free dental service?
  • Location – Where is the clinic located? Is it reachable via public transportation, or do you need to drive your car?


What to Expect When Visiting a Children’s Dentist

On a dental visit, you and your child can expect a wide assortment of treatments. The children’s dentist may carry out the following:

  • Check the condition of the mouth, teeth, and jaws of your child
  • Provide advice about good dental and oral hygiene
  • Clean a child’s teeth
  • Use fluoride and sealants to prevent tooth decay
  • Fix damaged teeth
  • Remove decayed teeth
  • Treat gum conditions
  • Create personalised mouthguards
  • Take x-rays of your child’s teeth
  • Help correct teeth and jaw alignment

The services can vary depending on your child’s dental needs.


How to Find a Good Dentist in Sydney

Are you searching for a “children’s dentist near me”? Don’t worry! Leichhardt Dental has two clinics, and you can choose the one closest to your home. To ensure your child has healthy teeth and mouth, bring them to Leichhardt Dental or Leichhardt Dental in Haberfield for a visit. Call us or book your appointment today.



Your child’s dental and oral health is a priority, so choosing a good dentist is vital. When searching for a children’s dentist, it’s important to consider all factors. That way, you’ll be able to find the right professional for your child’s needs.